Cartoonist, comic artist, comic festival`s veteran. Born in Poznan, Poland in 1977. Graduate of the University of Medical Science in Poznan, professional surgeon. Since 2005, among other projects, has been creating and publishing a webcomic called "Arctic", along with  "The adventures of Kizior" for the Polish online magazine "KZ" and also makes guest appearances ( art, strips) for other comic book creators. Usually plays the role of both: a writer and an artist, but has nothing against any kind of cooperation. Permanently keeps several comic-related projects up and running and hopes for finishing them all one day. His first comics were published in "PULS AM" - his Alma Mater student magazine.

Comics published so far:
Kolektyw #10
Tribute to Szarlota Pawel
Kolektyw #9: Water ( 2 stories)
International silent comic contest SILENCE catalogue
Jazda!- children comics anthology
Kolektyw #8: Contact
Economic-themed comic and animation contest FOR 2010 catalogue- 2nd edition
Economic-themed comic and animation contest FOR 2010 catalogue- 3rd edition 
Covers and insides: Images vol.III/2005 nr 5-6- the International Journal of European Film, Performing Arts and Audiovisual Communication: the Image in Popular Culture
Krakers 2003/01 - 34
Puls AM 65( june/2003)
Puls AM 34( january/2000)- 59 ( dec/2002)

2004- PZWL - Ginekology. Handbook for labor support professionals, nurses and physiotherapeutists- Opala Tomasz ( insides)
2010- PTPN- Polish history in comic panels- Justyna Czaja (cover)