piątek, 26 listopada 2010

twistin` by the moo...wait, where is it?-storyline part1

Ok, this storyline is a bit tricky. It`s the only piece of Arctic that has any political background. Polish readers are aware of what is exactly going on but I need to explain it a bit to the rest of you:) There ued to be great children book wrote by Kornel Makuszyński titled " The Two Who Stole the Moon". Many years later the movie based on this book was made, and main characters were played by Kaczyński twins, the future political leaders, but kids then. Aaaand, by the coincidence "Kaczynski" in polish language means drake or duck, more or less, but as they hasn`t been very popular most of the people call them the Ducks. And so the story begins...

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